credit: Mike Czerwinski

credit: Mike Czerwinski

Please contact us, we can provide: 

  • training - to grow, manipulate and implement human tissue models for your experiments 

  • consulting services to aid in experimental planning

  • access to established human tissue/cell lines. See our products page for more details.

  • access to specialized, quality controlled and batch-tested reagents (i.e. conditioned media).  See our products page.

  • aid implementing new tissue culture systems 

  • aid establishing new cell/tissue lines

  • help obtaining preliminary data for grant submissions

  • letters of support

  • detailed protocols

Cell/Tissue lines

3-dimensional organoid cultures:

Epithelial 'organoids': Stomach, Small intestine (duodenum, ileum), Colon, Adenoma

2-dimensional cell culture:

2D epithelial monolayers (small intestine, colon)

Colonic mesenchyme

Coming soon: 

Bronchiolar epithelium, Esophageal epithelium