Credit: Yu-Hwai Tsai

Credit: Yu-Hwai Tsai


What is the TTML?

We are a collaborative laboratory with the goal of enabling the University of Michigan research community to implement a diverse range of in vitro grown primary human tissues for discovery-based research,  personalized and regenerative medicine.   


What we do.

1. Provide expertise, guidance and training to enable your research involving primary human tissue systems. 

2. Implement the latest strategies, and develop new methods, to culture primary human tissue.

3. Develop a repository of in vitro grown primary human tissues that are accessible to the research community. 

4. Provide access to detailed protocols.   

5. Provide access to well characterized cell/tissue lines. 

6. Provide access to specialized reagents.

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How does it work?

We are not a core facility. We are a collaborative laboratory with the mission of providing an enabling technology (in vitro human tissue systems) to further the research mission of individual laboratories, and  the University. 

  • We provide assistance tailored to the unique needs of individual researchers.

  • Short term assistance (i.e. help gathering preliminary data for a grant) will be handled on an individualized basis. Funding for short term assistance will be discussed on a case-by-case basis. 

  • Our goal for long term sustainability is to operate using a collaborative funding model.  Therefore, for long term assistance and collaboration we envision this to include support for personnel and operating costs through grant applications or other means.

  • We will offer access to a limited range of specialized reagents (i.e. Conditioned Media, well characterized human tissue cell lines) as a fee-for-service.

  • As a collaborative laboratory, we will appreciate being included as authors on manuscripts, if we meet ICMJE recommendations for authorship. 


Getting Started.

Contact us!

We are happy to meet and discuss your project/project ideas, and how we can help enable you to include human tissue systems in your research.  Please contact us well in advance of any deadline.



The TTML is a Michigan Medicine initiative that is supported by various stakeholders, including the Office of the Dean, Comprehensive Cancer Center, Department of Pathology, Department of Pharmacology, Department of Internal Medicine, the Endowment for Basic Sciences and the University of Michigan Center for Gastrointestinal Research.